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UntitledOf the many products I’ve developed and launched, this one was quite special to me. Joe Gebbia (yes, the founder of Airbnb, before Airbnb) had been working at a publishing house and was using the galley copies for sketchbooks. The thought of a mass production technique used to create a one off book was a delight. The limited edition of 1 as a series became the Untitled project, each book vacuum sealed in mylar, obscuring the object and inviting you to open, or not. 

A letterpress card carried inside the cover of each book reads:

“This book is unique and one of a kind. Devoid of all text and print, it is a pre-production draft from the publishing industry. By generating only a single book, it subverts mass production practice and becomes a craft object.

These simple and beautiful books, with their title and authorship lost, act like an unopened present, leaving the door to your imagination ajar.

By celebrating the vessel, the book as object, ‘Untitled’ explores new ways of seeing our world and the objects in it. This series reminds us of the power and beauty of the object and its ability to represent ideas.”